Why Choose Global ITI?

Growth and development of Industry is very much related to development of Industrial Training Institutes. Industry will be able to grow and prosper only if the Trainees coming out from various Industrial Training Institutes are able to meet the expectation of industry.

Siliguri Global Engineering Institute has founded this ITI aiming generation of technical manpower in rural area to meet local demands.

Quality Objectives

In near future, Siliguri Global Private Industrial Training Institute intends to introduce most sought trades of the nearby industries and expose the student to at least three companies as industry inter phase program.

Siliguri Global Private Industrial Training Institute also intends to provide training to the nearby industrial workers for development of skills.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide safe and supportive training environment giving each student opportunity to develop technical skills and knowledge suitable to the advancement of manufacturing and service sector.

Siliguri Global Private Industrial Training Institute is a new Institute desirous to conduct training in the areas of Mechanical and Electrical field.

Siliguri Global ITI Institute

Put your first step to your Global Career. Study quality and purposeful education.


Upcoming Company

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